How to Watch TV on a Laptop for Free

By Matthew Anderson

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Laptop

  • Wireless or wired connection to the Internet

Watch TV on a Laptop for Free
i Matthew Abdallah

Laptops have become a common tool for both students and professionals. While the computer is essential for school and at work, laptops also can be used for entertainment purposes. That includes watching TV for free using services such as Hulu. Like standard television, Hulu does run advertisements during shows. However, these are much shorter than the commercial blocks on TV. Using Hulu is a free, legal way of watching TV anywhere your laptop can connect to the Internet.

Connect to the Internet by either plugging your laptop into a network or connecting to the local wireless network.

Go to the Hulu home page at

Click on the very top menu bar of the web page on the "TV" button.

Click on the "Browse" button on the gray top menu of the Hulu TV page. The full listing of shows available to watch will appear in alphabetical order.

Select the type of show you want to watch by clicking on the category filter on the left side of the web page. Only shows of this genre will continue to be displayed. Some genres have subgenres that can be further filtered.

Click on show title to bring up that show's web page.

Click on the episode on the show web page to start the video.


You can see a brief description of any show or episode by hovering the mouse over the title for a couple of seconds.