How to Watch CBS TV Shows Online for Free

By Andrew Smith

Updated September 22, 2017

CBS broadcasts popular shows such as "CSI," "Two and a Half Men" and "How I Met Your Mother." You may not own a digital video recorder that gives you the option of recording your favorite CBS programs when you are out of the house. This doesn't mean that you will miss out on watching these shows. Several websites at allow users to watch full episodes of CBS shows online and do so for free.

Watch CBS shows online on the official CBS website. The CBS website lists full episodes of current and classic prime-time shows as well as full episodes for soap operas. The shows will then play in the middle of the Web browser. Click on a name of the CBS show you want to watch on the left side of the screen to find full episodes for that program. Select the episode, and that episode will begin playing in a new window.

Find CBS shows on Fancast, a website containing current and older episodes of CBS and other network programs. Just like the CBS website, programs on Fancast will open in your Web browser. Unfortunately, however, not every show currently running on CBS can be found on Fancast. Click the Fancast link in the Resources section below to find a list of every program found on the website. Select the CBS show you wish to watch to find episodes for that show.

Search for CBS shows on Surf the Channel. This website posts links for programs that have been uploaded by users just like you. Since the links are added by users, availability for certain shows will vary from time to time. To find a CBS show, enter the name of the show in the box at the top of the homepage. Then, select the “Television” option that will appear on the left side of the screen to find links for the show.

Use AllUC to watch CBS shows online. Much like Surf the Channel, AllUC hosts links to shows that have been uploaded by other users. Click the AllUC link in the Resources section to access the TV show section of AllUC. Enter the name of the show in the text box at the top of the page to see if links for that program can be found on the website. Just as with the other three websites, the program will open in a new window in your browser once you select the program link.