How to Clean the Wii Lens

By Mary Freeman

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Nintendo Wii

  • Official Nintendo Wii Lens Cleaner

The Nintendo WIi is a seventh-generation home video game console released worldwide in 2006. Since release, the system has achieved mainstream success thanks to its unique motion-sensitive controller and library of games. The exposed disc slot of the system, however, has a tendency to collect dust that can build over time and render some discs unreadable. Nintendo offers a Wii Lens Cleaning kit to restore the inside of the system to like-new condition.


Purchase the Wii Lens Cleaner directly from Nintendo. This can be done online at Contact their support if you are experiencing disc read errors, as you may be eligible for a free Lens Cleaner.


Plug the Wii console into an outlet and eject any game that might be in the system.


Release no more than three drops of the liquid onto the cleaning pad. Too much cleaning fluid could be harmful to the system's internal components.


Place the lens cleaner into the Wii's disc slot. Make sure that the system is powered on and that the blue lines on the cleaner are vertical. The Lens Cleaner should be inserted with the top facing the right side of the system when vertical, and the top when the system is laid horizontally.


Move the Lens Cleaner gently up and down in vertically-oriented systems and left to right in horizontally-oriented systems. Move it 3/4 of an inch between 10 and twenty times.


Press "Eject" to remove the Lens Cleaner. You should not need to use any force to remove it.


Dirty lenses have a particularly tough time reading dual-layer games, such as "Super Smash Bros. Brawl."