How to Watch TBS TV Show Episodes Online

By Bridget Everett

Updated September 22, 2017

Many message boards and websites claim to offer TBS shows for free. It is important to understand that many of these websites are providing illegal content. Downloading or streaming this content is not only against the law, but can also download dangerous viruses on your computer. The safest way to avoid these websites is to get your online television from legal, well known sources.

Visit the TBS official website. The TBS website offers online streaming for some of their most popular shows. These shows include original TBS series and some fan favorites. As of 2009, TBS online streams Seinfeld and Married with Children.

Find legit, legal websites that stream TBS shows for free. While there are many illegal websites, some are perfectly legal and licensed through the major networks. and both offer TBS programming. While viewers have to watch commercials during their programs, it is a free and legal way to watch TBS shows online. Hulu visitors can choose to watch a longer commercial at the beginning of their programming instead of being interrupted throughout the show.

Visit iTunes to download episodes of your favorite TBS shows. While this isn’t a free option, iTunes offers episodes of TBS (and other network shows) for a low price. Older shows or less popular shows often are offered at lower prices. Television shows downloaded from iTunes can also be put onto your iPod or other Video Mp3 device, allowing you to watch videos both on your computer and on the go.


Having a high speed Internet connection makes your online viewing much more enjoyable.