Pioneer Plasma TV Troubleshooting

By Michael J. Scott

Updated September 28, 2017

Pioneer PDP-6020FD

With the introduction of its Kuro line, Pioneer has become one of the premier plasma TV manufacturers. Learning some quick troubleshooting tips about your Pioneer plasma TV can save you a great amount of stress and aggravation down the road. These troubleshooting tips are for the Pioneer Kuro PDP-6020FD, but they should apply for all Pioneer plasma televisions.

TV Won't Turn On

If your TV is failing to turn on, or suddenly turning off, try the following tips. First make sure the power cord is properly and securely plugged in. Try plugging another device into the same outlet to make sure the outlet is working properly. If the remote control isn't turning the TV on, try replacing the batteries. Also, try turning the TV on from the TV rather than the remote to make sure the problem is with the remote and not the TV.

TV Suddenly Turns Off

First, check to make sure the TV's sleep timer hasn't accidentally been set. If it hasn't, make sure the TV isn't overheating. Check to make sure all of the vents on the TV are clear and free of dirt and debris. Also various issues such as power surges can cause the TV to shut off. Try unplugging the TV for two minutes and then plugging it back in to see if that helps. It may help to try another outlet as well.

Picture Issues

Make sure "Picture Off" isn't selected from the "Tools" menu. If this option is selected, only sound, no picture, will be transmitted. If your picture doesn't look as it should, check the settings on the TV. Make sure the contrast and brightness settings are properly set. Make sure your TV is properly calibrated. While ISF calibration can be expensive, consider purchasing a DVD like "Digital Video Essentials" to help you achieve the best picture possible. Also, make sure all input devices are properly attached. Check all cables to make sure they are securely and properly connected.

Sound Issues

If you are having sound problems, make sure first that the TV isn't muted. Adjust the volume from both the remote and the TV. Make sure the TV speakers are turned off, and make sure all audio cables are connected properly.

HDMI Issues

Occasionally you will get an HDMI error. If this happens, check your HDMI connections to make sure the cables are securely attached. Check the owner's manuals of your input devices to make sure they are HDCP compliant. If they are not, the TV may not recognize them. Last, make sure the HDCP devices are properly handshaking over HDMI. To ensure this, turn everything off. Once everything is off, turn on the input device, then your receiver if you have one, then your TV. Turning everything on in that order should fix the problem.

Image Lag or Image Retention Issues

If you find that previous images are staying on screen after you switch inputs or change channels, try these tips. First make sure Screen Protection is turned on. Try leaving the TV on a bright, dynamic image for a while. That should fix the problem. Alternatively, display the Video Pattern screen for a few hours to remove the image lag.

Contact Pioneer Customer Service

If none of these tips work, it is unfortunately time to contact Pioneer customer service. Check out the knowledge base and FAQs located in the resources to see if the answer to your problem is there. If not, contact customer service from the page included in the resources.