How to Power Serve in "Wii Sports" Tennis

By Carol Finch

Updated September 22, 2017

Once you've mastered the basic controls of the tennis game in "Wii Sports," you can have a lot of fun playing games against your friends or console bots. If you want to get really competitive, you need to learn to make a power serve. This advanced move can be a real points-winner. If you also learn how to return these serves, you'll become a truly formidable opponent.

Find the Sweet Spot

Making the perfect power serve is all about when you hit the ball. You don't need any fancy moves, power, flicks or spin -- you just need to hit the ball at exactly the right time. Serve the ball and watch as it goes up in the air; you may want to try some practice serves to observe the ball's arc a few times. Ideally, you want to hit the ball exactly as it reaches the highest point in the serve when it slightly hangs in the air. Hit it at that point and you'll make the power serve.

Look for the Trail of Smoke

If you hit a power serve, the ball will zip across the court, leaving a trail of smoke behind it. If you're lucky, it'll turn out to be an ace and your opponent will have no chance of returning the ball. Even if the power shot isn't an ace, it's a really difficult shot to return effectively. It's hard, fast and angled, and players find it hard to hit, let alone get back over the net.

Return a Power Serve

Being able to make power serves is really only an advantage if your opponent can't serve this way. Even if they don't know the technique, they may get lucky sometimes; if you're facing a pro player, they'll know how to make them too. Although there isn't one method of returning a power serve that works every time, make sure you're ready for them. Typically, swinging and hitting the ball a little earlier than you would for a regular serve is your best chance of returning the ball. This compensates for the speed of the serve and, if you get lucky, you'll get it back over the net and catch your opponent by surprise.