Car Racing Games for Kids

By Kevin Irons

Updated September 22, 2017

Racing games are one of the most popular genres in the video game industry, and there are many racing games that cater to children. Like all genres of video games, some racing games are more developed for kids than others, and this article takes a look at which car racing games are the best for kids of all ages and on all platforms.

Wii Car Racing Games

The Nintendo Wii tends to cater to kids more than the other console systems, and there are quality racing games that kids would enjoy. One of the most popular kids racing games on the Wii is Mario Kart Wii. The game comes equipped with a racing wheel, in which you put the Nintendo Wii controller, and use it like you are actually driving a wheel. The game also features online capability, so kids can compete with each other around the world. Excite Truck is also a great car racing game for kids, due to its simple control scheme. All a child has to do is tilt the controller left or right, and the car on screen will react and respond accordingly.

PS3 and X Box 360 Racing Games

The Sony PlayStation 3 and X Box 360 racing titles are more adult themed, but there still are some good kid car racing games. "Speed Racer: The Video Game" allows kids to get behind the wheel of the Mach 5 and test their mettle. Another good car racing game for kids that appears on both systems is "Cars." It looks just like the Pixar movie, and its relatively simple controls make racing enjoyable for all.

Other Kid Racing Games

If you do not own any of the console systems, there are other ways for your child to race indoors. Fisher Price created the Smart Cycle Physical Learning Arcade System, and it needs only an audio video cable to hook up to your television set. This system is a stationary bike that connects to the television set; your child petals and races to the educational game play onscreen. Not only is it very entertaining, it helps the child learn while being active.