How Movies on Demand Works

By Patrick Niederriter

Updated September 22, 2017

Providers and Background

Movies on Demand is a service offered through several cable and satellite providers such as Comcast and Time-Warner Cable. This service allows subscribers to rent movies and subscribe to pay-per-view events with their remote control.

How it Works

When the cable or satellite box is installed, the provided remote will have an "On Demand" button. When pressed, it will activate a promotional display screen. There are several task buttons, such as "Free Movies," "Top Picks," "TV Series" and "Movies and Events." HD options are available as well as movies and shows geared towards children. Among the task bars is a help button that can answer any questions a subscriber may have.


When a movie or even is chosen, it is billed directly to the subscriber's account and will appear on the next bill. Movies and events vary in price range, but most TV shows are free. There is also a free movie section. There are many movies to choose from, and the new release section would rival that of the local movie store.