How to be Hammer Mario on Super Mario 3

by Randall ShattoUpdated September 22, 2017

"Super Mario Bros. 3" is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. "Super Mario Bros. 3" allowed Mario to change into various costumes on his adventure through the mushroom kingdom. One of these costumes, referred to as Hammer Mario, gave Mario a black shell and helmet. This outfit allowed Mario to throw hammers like the Hammer Brothers in the game. The hammers that Mario throws can kill a multitude of enemies. This includes adversaries that only a star power up could destroy.

Collect a Hammer Mario power up. The most common places to find them are the mushroom houses on worlds six and seven. However, the power up is in various places through the game.

Press the “B” button to bring up your items menu on the world map.

Highlight the Hammer Suit power up on your list of items. Press the “A” button.


You can find Hammer Suits in a couple of locations within a level. Stage five on world six contains a Hammer Suit in a pipe covered by ice. Stage seven on world eight also has a Hammer Mario outfit hidden in a pipe.

Mushroom houses give you a one-in-three chance of finding a Hammer Suit. You have a choice of three chests, and only one will contain the suit. However, the uppermost mushroom house on world six contains a Hammer Mario costume in all three of the chests.


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