How to Play Diablo 2 With No CD

By Zeus Tyrone Mendoza

Updated September 22, 2017

It's possible to play Diablo 2 without inserting the game CD.
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Diablo II, made by Blizzard Entertainment, is a fantasy dungeon role-playing game in which players become a hero by killing demons and monsters, traveling from continent to continent, until they reach and kill Diablo the demon lord of terror. In the past, this game required you to play with the CD even if you did the full installation. However, with the latest 1.12 patch released by Blizzard, players can now play without a CD.

Install Diablo II as you normally would. You have the option to do single player only installation, partial install or the full install.

Go to the Diablo II website and download patch 1.12 (see the Resources section). The official patch released by Blizzard Entertainment is a key component in enabling you to play without the CD.

Install patch 1.12 by double clicking on its file to extract its contents. Ensure that it installs in the Diablo II game folder when it asks to to set the installation path.

Insert the Diablo II installation CD and open it by right clicking and pressing "Explore" when it is mounted on your CD drive. This will expose all its contents, including its MPQ files. Repeat this process for the Diablo II play CD.

Drag and drop all MPQ files into the Diablo II directory on your computer. If you performed a full install earlier, you only need to copy D2Music.MPQ from the play CD. When you are finished copying all the MPQ files, you can play Diablo II without a CD.