How to Change a Gamer Picture

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

When you unlock a new gamer picture during a game, there's no doubt you want to show it off to your friends; there's no better way to show off a difficult achievement you just earned. You can change your gamer picture directly on your Xbox console.

Xbox One

Navigate to the Xbox One dashboard. You cannot be in a game while you change your gamerpic. Kinect users may say "Xbox, home."

Highlight and select "Friends" from the dashboard. This opens up the Social tab, which includes the ability to edit your own profile.

Select "My Profile" on the left-hand sidebar, followed by "Customize Profile." The console loads your profile and a new menu, showcased by a much larger version of your avatar.

Pick "Set Gamerpic." The next screen displays every gamerpic available on the console, including several that come with the console itself. Scrolling to the right lets you see all available pictures.

Press "A" to apply a highlighted picture.

Xbox 360

Return to your console dashboard. If you're in a game, save your progress, press the guide button and select "Xbox Dashboard" to return home.

Switch to the Social tab with the right bumper, selecting "Profile" to open a new screen.

Select "Settings," followed by "Edit Profile." A new menu with additional options appears. The one you're looking for is "Gamer Picture."

Select "Change Gamer Picture." This displays a list of pictures downloaded to the system. You can select any of these to display as your gamer picture with the "A" button.


If you don't like any of the pictures on either system, you can create one with your avatar. Here, you can select a pose and change the background color to make a new gamerpic.

The Xbox 360 avatar camera offers a little more freedom with your pose and camera angles.

The Xbox Games Store allows you to download and purchase additional gamer pictures on both consoles.


It is not possible to use completely custom gamerpics on either console.