How to Use Diablo 2 Hero Editor

By Mary Freeman

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Diablo II

  • Internet connection

  • Any Diablo II Hero Editor

A Hero Editor in Action

"Diablo II" and the "Diablo II: Lord of Darkness" expansion are popular action role-playing games created by Blizzard for the PC and Mac platforms. The series prominently features leveling up and collecting loot to progress in the game, and it can take dozens of hours for an in-game character to reach the player's desired level. Diablo II Hero Editing programs allow players to customize their character's stats and inventory down to the last detail.

Create a new character. This can be done in either the editor itself by clicking the "New Hero" button or it can be done in game.

Edit the character's stats to the desired extent. Keep in mind that the game recognizes when stats are too high, and it can result in attacks doing one point of damage, so keep the numbers somewhat realistic.

Add powerful weapons to your inventory. You can choose to add unique items from within the game or to craft your own, even stronger weapons within the editor.

Assign skill points to your new character in the skills section of the editor. Thirty is the maximum level for any skill.

Save your character within the editor, open "Diablo II" and test him out. If you find that the character's build is unsatisfactory, return to the editor to fine tune.


Make sure your hero editor is compatible with the latest version of "Diablo II." If you cannot find an editor that works with the latest version, try to install an older version of "Diablo II."


Hero Editors are unofficial and unlicensed Diablo-related software and should be virus scanned and generally approached with caution.