How to Find ISP Addresses

By Charlie Gaston

Updated September 28, 2017

Find an ISP address in minutes

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) address is the web address of the company that provides internet access to subscribers. Services including dial-up telephone modems, digital subscriber line (DSL) wires, television cables and fiber optics are provided to customers wanting to connect to the internet. With an ISP address, you can find out exactly who sold internet access to a person or the company that hosts a website. There are a number of domain-based research services, including (Network Solutions Who Is), (IP 2 Location), and (IP-Address).

Go to the website. Enter a domain name in the search field -, for example.

Click "Search" to search all WHOIS records. Use the free service to find IP addresses as well as service provider information for websites. It is important to note that an ISP address is the name of the company providing internet access. An IP address would appear as "," for example, but an ISP address would appear as "Registrant: Road Runner HoldCo, LLC (RR6-DOM)."

Scroll as needed to review registrant information. Find the Current Registrar to get the name of the ISP, such as GoDaddy or RR (RoadRunner). In the case of, the current registrar, as of 2009, is NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. The IP address is listed as (ARIN & RIPE IP search).

Type the name of the company through whom the website is registered into a web browser. In the case of NetworkSolutions, you could go to and type "Network Solutions LLC." For Network Solutions LLC, the ISP address is If Road Runner were the company, the ISP address would be

Go to

Locate "My Ip Address." Expect to see a nine-digit number, such as Locate "My IP Address Location." This line should immediately follow the above line.

Locate, "ISP of my IP:" For example, Road Runner could appear as an ISP of an IP.

Type "Road Runner" into a search engine to obtain the ISP address of the Road Runner company. A quick search would show that is the ISP address of the Road Runner company.


Verify the domain name if an ISP address cannot be found.


You must provide a domain name to find an ISP address. For example, the domain name for the website is NetworkSolutions is just one of several ISP-locating services online.