How to Find a Wii IP Address

By Aaron Parson

Updated September 22, 2017

Most home networks automatically assign IP addresses to online devices. Many devices, including computers and smartphones, display their addresses in their settings, but to find a Wii's assigned IP, you need to check its MAC address and look up that address on your router's setup page. If you previously assigned a static IP to your Wii, however, you can check or change that IP directly on the Wii.

Check an Automatic IP

Click the "Wii" button on the main menu and press "Wii Settings."

Scroll to the right, select "Internet" and choose "Console Information" to learn your Wii's MAC address. This unique number identifies your Wii and never changes. Write down the address for later and then return to the Wii's main menu.

Connect to the Internet on your Wii by opening the Wii Shop Channel or any other online channel.

Log in to your router's setup page from a computer, usually by browsing to, or another similar Web address. Check your router's manual if you don't know its address.

Open the router's list of connected devices. The name of the page varies by model. For example, on some Netgear routers, click "Attached Devices." On many Linksys routers, click "Status," "Local Network" and then "DHCP Clients Table." On some Belkin routers, click on "DCHP Client List." Once at the list, find your Wii's MAC address and read the associated IP address.

Check a Static IP

Press the "Wii" icon on the system's main menu and choose "Wii Settings."

Scroll over to pick "Internet" and choose "Connection Settings." Click on the currently selected connection, which has a red outline.

Select "Change Settings" and click the right arrow twice to reach the IP address page.

Press "Advanced Settings" to see the current IP address. Click on the address if you need to change it, or else press "Back" and then "Cancel" to leave the menu. If "Advanced Settings" is grayed out, you have your IP address assigned automatically and need to look up the Wii's MAC address in your router's setup.


If you use a manual IP address on your Wii, you must also enter the DNS servers manually. Ask your Internet service provider for its DNS addresses, search for them online or use a free DNS service such as Google Public DNS at and or OpenDNS at and