How to Create an Invoice on MS Works

By Cooper Temple

Updated September 15, 2017

Microsoft Works is a group of programs designed to be similar to MS Office, but with reduced functionality and less features. Works offers word processing, database and spreadsheet programs, as well as some other productivity applications. The package comes with pre-loaded templates that you can utilize to create documents. You can easily use Microsoft Works to create a document, such as an invoice, by following a few steps.

Open the Microsoft Works Task Launcher. Click once on the Windows "Start" button, once on "All Programs," once on the "Microsoft Works" folder and finally once on the "Microsoft Works Task Launcher" icon.

Click once on the "Templates" icon at the top of the "Task Launcher" window. Type "invoice" into the "Search" field to the upper right of the "Task Launcher" window. Click once on the blue arrow to the right of the field.

Click once on an invoice template result. The template will launch automatically in the source program. If "Task Launcher" does not provide you with an invoice template, check out the link below for an "Microsoft Works Spreadsheet" invoice template.

Edit the data on the template to reflect your particular need. Don't forget to save any changes you make to the master template, so that you can go back and use it again.