How to Use Nitrous on Drag Racer 3

By Greg Lindberg

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer with Mac/Windows (all versions)

  • Drag Racer 3

  • Adobe Flash Player 10 (see Resources)

Drag Racer 3 is a free online racing game where you can choose real models of cars to race and earn fake money in the game by winning races. Starting with $50,000, you can buy parts and additions for your car. The game is a Flash game and requires that you have the most current player downloaded (Flash 10 as of July 2009). After you've selected your car, you simply press the space bar on your keyboard to accelerate. Press your up and down arrows to change gears and to master racing your car. For an extra boost, you can use nitrous oxide during a race to turn your car into a rocket on the race track.

Choose the "Tuner Mode" option in the main menu to start the game. You can't purchase nitrous oxide in "Arcade Mode" and "Online Mode." Click the "Dealer" option to buy your car. After you've bought your car, click "Store."

Click the "Parts" option, then "Parts Source" to show the drop-down menu, and then the "Performance Parts" drop-down. Click on the "Nitrous" option to receive the different options for nitrous oxide, including the nitrous kit, dual-port nitrous kit, and nitrous reserves.

Buy the nitrous kit first by clicking on the "Nitrous Kit" option and then choosing the manufacturer that you want the kit from. A pop-up will notify you that the kit has been installed.

Purchase the first available nitrous reserve, which is the nitrous oxide to fill the tank, by clicking the "Nitrous Reserve" option. Start with the Max 1 reserve and with the more you advance in the game you can then purchase the Max 5 and 7 reserves. Choose the manufacturer that you want the nitrous oxide from, and make sure it's the same manufacturer as the tank kit. The nitrous oxide and kit is now installed in your car.

Press the "N" button when you are racing to use the nitrous oxide, giving you a short boost that makes you faster than the opposing racer for a brief second. With the Max 1, you can only use the nitrous oxide once. If you press the "N" button more than once with Max 1 nitrous oxide, your engine will break down and you'll lose the race. Depending on the length of the race, if you only have a Max 1 nitrous oxide, you should use it right at the end of the race in order to pass the opponent at the last second. Once you've ran out, you can return to the store to buy more nitrous reserves.


Max 5 will allow you to use the nitrous oxide five times; with Max 7, you can use it seven times.