How to Add Bots in "Counter-Strike"

By TS Jordan

Updated September 28, 2017

"Counter-Strike" is a fun and addictive game enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. In fact, despite its relatively old age, it is still regarded as one of the finest team-based first-person shooters ever made. If you're struggling to find team members, or just want to be challenged by the computer, you can add bots instead of other living players.

If you have access to an online server, you do not need to follow this step. If not, load "Counter-Strike Source." On the main menu, click "Create Server." A box will appear allowing the selection of maps, number of players, number of bots and difficulty level. Make your choices and click "OK."

In order to use console commands, which will let you add bots from within the game, the console must be enabled. Go to the "Options" screen and click on "Keyboard." Click the "Advanced Options" box, then "Enable Developer Console." Click "OK." You can access the console by tapping the tilde (~) key.

To add a bot to a server, tap the tilde key and type, "bot_add" and hit the "Enter" key. A bot will appear in the server as long as you have player slots available. To add a bot to a particular team, the commands are either "bot_add_ct" or "bot_add_t." The first will create a counter-terrorist, the second a terrorist. Note that in a default server configuration, teams must have equal numbers of players. To circumvent this, use the command "mp_autoteambalance 0." To remove a bot from either team, use the command "bot_kick 'name' " where 'name' is the bot's in-game name.

If you are using administrator access to a private server, you must first access the ability to issue commands to the server by providing the proper rcon (remote console) password. Open your console and type "rcon_password 'passwordhere' ' where 'passwordhere' is the actual password. After that, you can basically add bots to the server using the same commands as above. The only difference is that your commands must by preceded by using the word "rcon." So, to add a bot, simply open the console and type "rcon bot_add," "rcon bot_add_ct" or "rcon_bot_add_t."