Ideas for a Fashion Show PowerPoint Presentation

by Nick DavisUpdated September 28, 2017

Fashion is everywhere. From the models on the runway to the latest styles in department stores, fashion is part of our culture. There are many ways to present the latest line of clothing or promote the next hot model. Microsoft's PowerPoint is one tool for putting on a fashion show right on your computer. Here are some ideas on how to make your fashion show sparkle and live forever in cyberspace.

Theme-Setting Presentation

Set a theme--it could be colorful spring pants, the latest in summer footwear or fall scarfs. Take one item or two and work around those items to build your presentation. You will want to write out your theme and what photos you would like to take, descriptions of the items, what models to use and what the overall presentation will look like, including what border or background to use within PowerPoint and other settings. Line up your models, purchase your items, take your photos and then build your presentation.

Runway Presentation

This idea involves taking pictures and recording voice interviews from a runway show with models and a complete collection of clothes. Once the runway show is done, transfer the photos and voice interviews into your computer, write descriptions, set your PowerPoint presentation colors and then load your photos. Each slide will be a different photo from the runway show. Use the interviews as voice-overs on your slides.

Black & White Fashion Presentation

Black & white photography can show a lot of contrast and detail. When mixed with a sprinkling of color, black & white photos can be stunning. Instead of taking all color photos for this fashion presentation, take about 40 percent of them using the black and white setting on your camera (or use photo editing software to remake color photos as "greyscale"). Start your PowerPoint presentation with one strong black & white photo, then move on to a color photo. On some of the slides, place both a color and a black & white photo on the screen. End with a strong color photo for balance. Don't be afraid to incorporate voice-overs if possible.

Incorporating Video Into Your Presentation

Photos are not the only type of media you can place within a PowerPoint presentation--video can also be incorporated. You will want to videotape your fashion show using a digital camcorder and then input your footage into your computer for editing. Note--video files take up a lot of hard drive space. Once the footage is ready to use, place into a slide, write descriptions, set colors and settings to complete your presentation.

Posting Your Presentation Online

Once your fashion show presentation is done, you can use PowerPoint's “Save As” function to create web pages of your presentation. You can also use the program's uploading tool to send the complete presentation to your web server or other server for viewing.

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