How to Use a Nintendo 64 Gameshark Pro

By Ezmeralda Lee

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • N64 Game System

  • Game Controller

  • N64 Game Cartridge

  • GameShark Pro

Have you ever been stuck in a level of a game that was just impossible to beat or get through? With the GameShark Pro, by Datel Design and Development Ltd., those hours of being stuck are turned into minutes. Just fire up the GameShark Pro, and in less than five minutes you’re rolling with enhancements to the game play that make playing much easier, faster and a lot more enjoyable.

Beating the Game

With your game system set up for regular play, plug in the GameShark Pro cartridge where the regular cartridge would usually go. Make sure the GameShark Pro cartridge sticker is facing the front of the N64.

Plug the regular game cartridge on top of the GameShark.

Turn on the N64 and boot the GameShark Pro. After the GameShark Pro boots up, you will see the Main Menu. Click "Select Cheat Codes" and enable the preprogrammed cheat codes that you would like to use with the current game title. Once completed, return back to the main menu.

Select "Start Game." On the next screen, select whether you would like to start the game normally or with cheats. If a third option appears called "Code Generator On/Off" it's because your system has a 4MB Expansion Pack inserted which will allow you to search for additional cheat codes during game play. Not working correctly? Please read the note and continue to Step 6.

Enable and disable the cheat codes at any time when you have started your game. To do this, simply press the "GS" button located on the GameShark Pro itself. If for some reason your game starts acting up, just disable the cheat codes and try again. This button can also be used as a "joker" card of sorts by using it to enable/disable a code that would usually cause problems with specific sections of the game but not the entire time.

Start a game that does not require the key code to play. If your game requires a key code, the chances are that your GameShark Pro has already been preloaded with the activation codes. At the Main Menu, select "Key Codes" and find the game title which you want to play that does require the special key codes. Once done, a warning message will appear and ask if you do actually have the game. Selecting yes will require that the game be available at the use of the GameShark Pro.

Load your game requiring the special key code as you normally would now and start your game play as Step 3 states.


If your GameShark Pro does not start up, check to see if your games require a special key code. Some games may require a key code in order to be used with the GameShark Pro. It is always wise to unhook your controllers during game changes with the GameShark to ensure that no problems present themselves with game swapping. You are only allowed to use 15 enhancements at a time unless a 4MB Expansion Pack is installed. Once installed, you will be able to activate hundreds of enhancements at a time.


If you have activated a game needing a key code and do not have it available, your GameShark Pro will not function properly until you have loaded that specific game. Due to compatibility with older GameSharks and GameShark Pro version, you may need to update your older version. Contact InterAct Accessories for more information.