How to Get a Free Month of Xbox Live

By Greg Lindberg

Updated September 22, 2017

Special deals and free trials often are offered for first-time customers to an online service. If you've never used Xbox Live before, then you can easily sign up for a free trial of Xbox Live. With Xbox Live you can connect to the Internet with your Xbox or Xbox 360 and play online games with multiple online gamers. Xbox Live also offers downloads such as games and features. For example, if you have any Rock Band game, you can download new songs for use in the game.

Use the free trial that comes when you first get you Xbox console. This option is perfect for gamers who have no yet signed up for Xbox Live. Turn on your Xbox or Xbox 360 and make sure that the ethernet cable is plugged into the back to provide Internet access.

Click on the "Join Xbox Live" option from the main startup menu.

Choose a unique username that will be shown when you play games online. Fill in the rest of your personal information until you get to membership options.

Choose the "Silver" option. Don't choose to redeem a 48-hour trial because choosing silver will get you a month free of service. Click on the "Confirm" button and you'll receive your one-month free trial. This method will only work if it's the first time you've signed up for Xbox Live services.

Buy online games that come with redeemable coupons for free months of Xbox Live. The more popular online multiplayer games typically come with these coupons. Just click on "Redeem" option after you click on "Join Xbox LIve." Enter the code number and you'll be able to continue playing online for free.


Try searching contests online or look for contests at your local gaming store. You can get a Speedway Rewards card at your local Speedway gas station. Points eventually can be redeemed for a free month of Xbox Live.