How to Add a Wii Controller

By R.L. Cultrona

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Wii

  • Wiimote

  • 2 AA batteries

Wii Remote

The beauty of the Nintendo Wii is its innovative wireless controller called the Wiimote. The Wii can accommodate up to four Wiimotes. Adding the controllers requires you to complete a synching process.

Open the back cover of the remote and install the batteries. Don't replace the cover yet.

Wii Main Screen

Turn on the Wii and make sure it boots up to the main Wii screen. You will know the screen because it looks like a grid and you will be presented with several choices of what to do next.

Sync Button on Wii

Open the Wii memory cover in the front of the console. Look for a red button next to the memory card slot. This is the Sync button.

The sync button on the controller, which is also red, is next to the batteries. Press this button. The LED lights on the console should begin to flash.

Immediately press the sync button next to the memory slot on the console. This initiates contact between the console and the controller.

Once the remote is synced up with the console, the LEDs will stop flashing, and one of them will remain lit. If this is the first controller synced, the first light will be lit. Replace the battery cover and close the memory slot on the console. You are now ready to use your remote


Sometimes the Wii requires you to press both red buttons simultaneously. If the remotes are not syncing up, press both buttons at the same time.


Make sure you have new batteries. The remote will not sync if there is no power to it