How to Activate XBox Live Gold

By Shanika Chapman

Updated September 22, 2017

Activate XBox Live Gold
i Microsoft

The Microsoft Xbox Live service allows Xbox 360 owners to experience a whole new level of video game console interactivity. From playing video games online with friends (cooperatively or competitively), downloading new games and game content, special trailers and sneak peaks to using the Netflix Instant Viewing service right on your Xbox 360, the Xbox Live service provides many great advantages. You must register your Xbox Live Gold membership to reaps its many benefits.

Turn on your Microsoft Xbox 360 and log into your Gamertag account.

Navigate to your profile on the "My Xbox" area of the Xbox 360 dashboard and press "A."

Select "Manage Account" by pressing "A."

Select "Memberships" by pressing "A."

Select the first option, which will be your current Xbox Live Gold status, on the Memberships screen by pressing the "A" button.

Select "Redeem Code" by pressing "A."

Enter your Xbox Live Gold prepaid subscription code and confirm the code to activate it. An Xbox Live subscription card can be purchased from online retailers (see Additional Resources).


If you haven't yet tried out the Xbox Live Gold membership yet, simply registering your Gamertag on a connected Xbox 360 will get you a free 30-day trial of Xbox Live Gold.