How to Fly in "Counter-Strike"

by Seth AmeryUpdated September 22, 2017

Enabling the ability to fly in "Counter-Strike" lends all sorts of new benefits to the game. For example, you'll be able to hoist yourself up to the skies and rain firepower down upon your enemies. To use this ability, you'll need to enable the console and use the "noclip" command.

Open your Steam client and switch to the Games tab if it doesn't load by default. Locate "Counter-Strike" or "Counter-Strike: Source," depending on the edition you play.

Right-click the game to open a submenu, selecting "Properties" to open a dialog box. Click the "Set Launch Options" button on the first tab.

Type in "-console" without the quotation marks, clicking "OK" to save your changes. Boot the game to the main menu.

Click "Options" when you reach the main menu. In this menu, switch to the Keyboard category and select the "Advanced" button to open a new box.

Mark the box beside "Enable developer console." Save your settings, and you can now press the tilde key (~) at any time to open a console overlay in either game.

Press the tilde key and type "noclip" without the quotation marks. Press the "Enter" key to activate the command. When you enter a game on a server that allows it, you won't be bound to the restrictions of gravity or solid physics.

Press the spacebar repeatedly to keep leaping into the air; since you're not bound to gravity, you won't fall back down, so pressing the key just makes you rise higher into the air until you reach the map's apex.


Using noclip lets you pass through walls like a ghost, which means you can be in the wrong place when returning to normal; make sure you're near normal ground when you disable the cheat.

If you don't like the console attached to the tilde key or use a keyboard that doesn't have this key, you can change the key that opens the console (see Resources).


Remember that this console command is considered a cheat. That means you can't use it on servers that use anti-cheat measures.


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