How to Create a Map for Call of Duty 4

By Greg Lindberg

Updated September 22, 2017

Mainly for PC version of the popular Call of Duty series, players have the option to create a map for the game. However, for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, there is not the option to create maps. You can still use a map creator program and create one yourself. It'll then be up to you send your map to the game creators as a suggestion to be used for future map packs or a new version of the game.

Download Call of Duty Radiant for editing maps (see Resources).

Follow the steps to installing the map editor (see References).

Set up your preferences for when you are creating the maps. You'll need to adjust for the camera, views, texturing and new functionality (see References).

Create the game path and where you want your maps to be saved. Your maps will be saved as .MAP files, and, after you have created and saved your new map, you can try sending it to the creators of the game.

Contact the game makers, Infinity Ward, at and send them your map creation. Let them know it is only for consideration and give your contact information. If your map is worthy of being used in the game, you'll possibly be contacted for the rights of using the map in the game.