How to Block a Specific Number on a Verizon Cell Phone?

by James ClarkUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Verizon cell phone

  • The phone number(s) you wish to block, including area code

Blocking a specific phone number on a Verizon cell phone can be accomplished in several ways, depending on the service contract and the individual features on your specific phone. Some service plans require an additional monthly fee that allows you to block up to 12 numbers. Some phones come with a security setting that allows you to block a specific phone number. If the idea of a monthly fee doesn't appeal to you or all other attempts to block the call fail, this guide offers a tip on rendering the phone silent so you will not hear a ringing when an annoying caller tries to reach you.

Contact your local Verizon provider and explain that you want to block specific phone numbers from calling your cell phone. A customer service representative will outline the features available in your area.

Check your cell phone model for a security feature: From the main menu, select Settings, then Security, then Passcode.

Enter your passcode, which typically is the last 4 digits of your social security or cell phone number.

Select Call Block.

Enter the area code and telephone number of the call you wish to block. This will prevent the phone from ringing when someone calls from that phone number. However, it may not in all cases prevent the caller from reaching voice mail.

If you do not wish to pay a fee, or don't have the call block feature on your phone, stop the ringing from an annoying caller by assigning that phone number as a contact on your cell phone: Under Contact Options for that phone number, assign a silent ring and press Enter or "OK." When a caller from that phone number tries to reach you, the phone will not ring. Voice mail messages are still possible, though, so screen carefully.


It is illegal for any individual or business to place continual calls to a telephone for the purposes of harassment, threats or intimidation. Call the police and file a criminal report if you think you are being harassed.

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