How to Create a PDF of a Webpage

By Cooper Temple

Updated September 28, 2017

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a way to convert source documents into a format that is viewable on any computer with a PDF reading program (including most Web browsers). The format is popular, as PDF files can be viewed by those who do not necessarily have the software with which the original document was created. With the appropriate PDF writing software, PDFs can be created from nearly anything that can be printed, just as you would print to a regular printer. A webpage can easily be converted to PDF by following a few steps.

If necessary, download a PDF writing program. Adobe Acrobat Pro is used in this example. If you do not have a PDF writing program on your computer, there are two free trial programs linked below. If you are a Mac user, PDF-writing it built into the "Print" function.

Go to the webpage that you want to save to a PDF file.


Click once on the browser's "File" drop down menu and select the "Print" option.


Select the "PDF" option from the "Select Printer" section of the "Print" pop up window. In this example, "Adobe PDF" is selected. Depending on the PDF writing software you have, the text may differ. Click once on the "Print" button.


Use the "Save in" drop down menu to choose a folder to which the PDF file will be saved. While most PDF writing programs will save the file as the name of the webpage address, the file name can be changed by typing over the text in the "File name" field. Click once on the "Save" button to convert the webpage to PDF.

View the newly created PDF, which will automatically launch in a PDF reading program window. If the PDF does not automatically launch, right click once on the Windows "Start" button and select the "Explore" option (or launch the "Preview" application on a Mac). Select the folder to which the PDF file was saved from the listings under the "Folder" section of the "Explore" window.


Many PDF-writing utilities allow you to compress the PDF file as you save it. Compression can substantially reduce the size of the final PDF file, making it easier to post to websites or to send via e-mail.