How to Find the IP Address of a Remote Computer

By Contributing Writer

Updated September 28, 2017

IP address is a unique 32-bit address assigned to each computer on the Internet, and is the central component of the TCP/IP network protocol. An IP address is usually written as a quartet of integer numbers (e.g. Also, a computer typically has a hostname that is easier to memorize and use than a numeric address. Knowing computer name allows to find out the IP address and vice versa.

Click "Start" then "Run" Type "cmd" and press "Enter" (in Windows XP). Click "Start" and type "cmd" in Start Search field. Press "Enter" (in Windows Vista). In both cases, the new window with a black background should appear.

In the window type ping and press "Enter." Example: ping

Read the ping program output; the first line always contains IP address of the remote computer in brackets. Example: pinging [] ...

Type "Exit" and press "Enter" to close the window.


Do not pay attention to the rest of ping results. The actual pinging may be blocked by a remote machine for security reasons.