How to Resync a Wii

By R.L. Cultrona

Updated September 22, 2017

Resync a Wii

The Wii is Nintendo's newest home video game system. What makes it unique is that it has remotes (called Wiimotes) instead of controllers with wires. These Wiimotes must be synchronized with the Wii system in order to work properly. Sometimes, because of battery failure or inactivity, a Wiimote will no longer be synced with the system. Following these easy steps will allow you to resync your Wii.

Turn on the Wii. The first screen will be the black "Healthy and Safety" screen, which you would usually have to press "A" on the remote to get past. In this case, don't press "A."

Clear all synced remotes. Chances are you have several remotes and some of them may still be synced up to the system. Open the cover to the memory slot located just underneath the disc drive. There will be a red "SYNC" button. Press and hold this for 15 seconds. This will clear all synced remotes.

Next, open the battery case on the remote. You will see a red button next to the batteries. This is the sync button for the remote.

Press and release the SYNC button on cthe onsole. Then press and release the sync button on the controller. The LED lights on the remote should begin to flash. When the flashing is complete and only one of the LEDs on the remote is illuminated (signifying whether the remote is synced to "player" 1, 2, 3 or 4), the synchronization process is complete.

If no lights are illuminated on the remote, take the batteries out and leave them out for two to three minutes. This will clear the remote memory. After the time has passed, reinsert the batteries and follow steps 1 through 4 again.


Make sure all batteries are full. If the batteries are empty, the remote will not sync up as it has no power.


If the remote still won't sync up after you have taken the batteries out, try to sync another remote. If a different remote syncs up, the original remote may be damaged. If no remotes sync up, the console may be damaged.