How to Sell Video Footage

By Regina Paul

Updated September 22, 2017

Video footage can be any sort of video clip that you may have taken yourself and that you own the copyright to. Since the price of video cameras has come down and most are digital now, having or getting video clips is relatively easy. If you like filming random things, or if you have a series of random clips, you may want to consider selling your video clips or footage to one or two of the different companies online that offer video footage for sale. Just as you can make money selling your photographs to places like Istock Photo, you can also sell your video footage.

Gather any video clips that you would like to sell to others. Make sure these are clips you have taken yourself and that you own the copyright to. Clips that are time lapse, people and nature oriented sell the best.

Put all your video clips that you want to sell into one folder on your desktop so you can reach them easily.

Make a list of the different websites that allow videographers to upload their footage and sell it. Examples include,, and Look for websites that have a nonexclusive agreement, which means you can sell your video footage at other websites as well. This makes it possible for you to make more money since you are not tied to just one website. Also, look for websites that offer at least a 40 percent royalty on every sale of your video footage; this will also help maximize how much money you can make selling your video footage.

Choose one or two websites from your list that have the best rates and will allow you to make good money selling your clips. If you are happy with their terms, upload your video clips to them. One example of terms might be a 20 percent royalty with an exclusivity bonus, meaning you get a monetary bonus added to the 20 percent if you only sell your video footage through that website. Another example would be a nonexclusive agreement with a 35 percent royalty. Payment may be a bit less when the agreement is nonexclusive because the website you've downloaded your video footage to knows it may sell less copies due to the fact that the same video footage may be posted on other websites.


Choose websites that have non-exclusive use of your video clips, meaning you can also upload them elsewhere. This prevents you from being confined to only have your clips on one website.

Try just a few clips at a time with different websites to see which ones you make more money from. Then upload new clips to the ones that offer a higher return.

Make new clips for the purpose of selling them. Time-lapse, people and nature clips are very popular.

Consider putting up your own website and selling your video footage yourself.


Be aware that some websites may ask you to go through an application process. For example, Istockphoto that has an application process that you must go through before being allowed to upload video footage to its website.