How to Recover a Yahoo Email Password

by Randall ShattoUpdated September 28, 2017

Yahoo offers free email service and additional services for a small fee. Forgetting a password can occur when you have not logged into the account for some time. If you go to several password-related websites, you might use different codes for each. You can recover a Yahoo email password by answering a few questions. It is important to add accurate and complete facts with vital websites. Always remember the information you use when signing up for any password-related site.

Go to the Yahoo log-in page. Click the “I Can’t Access My Account” link. Select the “I Forgot My Password” circle. Press the “Next" button.

Insert the “User ID” in the box. Enter the security code that displays on the page. Capital letters are unimportant. Press the “Next" button.

Use the secondary email account or cell phone number, and a new password will be sent. If you did not use these alternative methods, answer the security questions. Select the “Next” button after both questions.

Enter a new password. Once you successfully answered the questions from Step 3, you can reset your password.


Capital letters are important when using a Yahoo password. Remember your security questions. It is vital for password recovery. When you sign up for Yahoo, you have the option to add a cell phone number and another email address. If you cannot remember the security questions, you can use it for password recovery.

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