How to Find the Best Mobile Phone Plans for Seniors

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017
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A number of mobile phone plans tailored for seniors offer easy-to-use, easy-to-see phones with special senior discounts. More seniors are using cellphones today than ever before. Many like to carry a mobile phone just for emergencies. The rates for service start at about $10 per month and up. One economical solution for those who will not be using their cellphones very often is to use prepaid services.

Calculate how often you make calls and how long you talk on the phone each month. Some phone plans offer unlimited service and others are a pay as you go. Decide if the cellphone will be the primary phone, or just for emergency use when out and about.

All cellphones are required to be able to call 911 even if it is not associated with an active plan. You can usually get an old cellphone from a friend or family member. Keep it charged and you can call 911 without having a mobile-phone plan.

Even though seniors live alone they may benefit from using a phone attached to a family member's plan. Ask members of your family how much it would cost to be a part of their family cellphone plan.

A prepaid cell plan may be your perfect choice. The minutes for a prepaid mobile plan can be purchased in different quantities. Check to see if the minutes have an expiration date. Usually you can roll over unused minutes, as long as you purchase more minutes before the old ones expire. These plans are a good choice if you do not use your phone very often or if you are using a cellphone as a second phone

Many of the main cell phone providers today offer special discounts to seniors. A few of the special programs are Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus, and AT& T Senior Nation 200. Check the organizations that you belong to. AARP and AAA offer special discounts to seniors.

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