How to Change Your Mobile Phone Number

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017
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Items you will need

  • SIM card

  • Cell phone brochure

  • List of cell phone plans

  • Service provider contact information

  • computer

Changing your phone number may be the wisest thing to do when you are constantly getting spam calls or if you just want a fresh start. Make sure you are aware of the rules that govern changing your cell phone number.

Compare cell phone service providers and their service plans. Before you sign another contract with your former provider, make sure you have researched other companies and are aware of how they compare with each other. You may find that your needs match the services offered by another service provider.

Call the cell phone service provider. You may need to make an appointment with a store representative to change your number. Make sure you are knowledgeable of the process by reading your cell phone brochure as well as the service plans provided by the company.

Learn more about the fees. Changing your cell phone number may cost you a service fee, and there may be additional expenses involved. You may also need to pay for connection and upgrade fees, depending your cell phone and the plan you have. Make sure you inquire about these things with the store representative you are speaking with.

Make sure your SIM card is still working. The service provider may not allow you to change your phone number if your SIM card is not in good condition. The provider may treat you like a new customer opening a phone line instead of an existing customer changing a phone number.

Transfer all your data from your old cell phone to your computer. Because some files may have been saved on your SIM card, you need to have a backup of your files in case the service provider disconnects your old phone number.

Authorize the change. The store representative will change your mobile number in the store. Make sure you understand the fine print and features of your new cell phone number. After the change, you can then transfer your files from your computer to your cell phone.

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