How to Unlock Your Cell Phone for Free

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

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Unlocking a cell phone is an alternative for those who travel and want to reduce those costly roaming charges. And for those who buy a used cell phone and discover that the phone does not work with their carrier. Most U.S. cell phone users are locked into one phone provider. This means their cell phone will only work with that service. For those that have a GMS locked cell phone there is another option. Obtain a free code to unlock cell phones. Once the cell phone is unlocked obtain a sim card for the new GMS cell phone provider and you are good to go! Follow these steps.

Google "free cellular phone unlock codes" and click on over to the top sites in the search results. Once there search for your cellular phone model in the sites lineup. And follow their instructions to unlock your cellular phone model.

Or simply surf to this site: http://www.mobileunlock.co.uk/ Look through the listings for your cellular phone number. And it is important to obtain your cellular phones IMEI number. Look under the battery for the number.

Once the code is obtained enter it per instructions into the cell phone and your GMS phone should be unlocked. Now, the cell phone can be used with most U.S. carriers with compatible GMS phone service.

Also, there is a free software on the Internet available that supplies unlock code for most Nokia cell phones. Find it at Downloads.com. Link at end of article.

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