How to Cancel AT&T Wireless

by Jack Rella ; Updated September 26, 2017

Items you will need

  • Your wireless phone

  • Billing statement

  • Wireless service contract

Sometimes you simply don't want the wireless service with the company that you currently have. This could be because you live in or are moving to an area where the reception isn't very good, or your employer will soon pay for your wireless service, but only if you get it through his provider. You may even just want to get away from the provider you have because of billing problems. No matter what your reasons, you should know the steps for canceling your wireless service. Below are the steps you will need to cancel your AT&T wireless service. While the steps may differ slightly among wireless providers, it will be a similar process.

Look at your AT&T contract. You will want to see what the length of the contract was (normally this will be one or two years). If you are still under contract, you may want to consider holding out until your contract is up. AT&T will charge you if you break your contract. Normally this fee is $175 minus $5 for every month that you kept your contract. This means if you have a two-year contract and kept the service for 10 months before canceling, you will only owe $125 ($175 - $50 = $125). If you can't hold out for the contract to end, be prepared to pay this fee.

Find a location where you will be able to sit and talk with AT&T customer service comfortably and without distraction. You might be on hold for awhile and the more you are distracted, the longer it will take and the more frustrating the process will become.

Call 611 from your AT&T phone, or call its customer service number. You will be prompted through a couple of different menus. Many times the fastest way to get through these prompts is to simply press "0" to get to customer service. A representative will be able to help you or direct you to someone who can.

Tell the agent that you would like to cancel your cell phone service. Be sure to explain to them why and tell them that you want to cancel your AT&T service at the end of the next billing cycle. If you need to cancel your AT&T service before then, you may be charged extra fees in addition to charges for the minutes that you used thus far in the current cycle. This process may take a while and the agent will try to get you to stay with AT&T; stay firm and polite and stick to your position.

Get rid of the SIM card that is in the back of the phone once you have passed the date for the service to end. Often you can use the phone for other service companies, if you "unlock" it through the use of a SIM card from the new provider.


  • If there are major problems or something doesn't seem right to you, don't hesitate to ask for a manager or supervisor to explain it to you better.


  • Don't get angry or yell at the customer service representatives. They are simply trying to do their jobs the way that they understand it. The nicer you are to them, the smoother and faster the process will be over.

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