How to Disable Pop-Up Ads

by Amanda FarinosUpdated September 28, 2017

Pesky pop-up ads can ruin your fun when trying to surf the Internet, and can sometimes be a threat to your computer. Nobody likes wasting time closing all those extra windows, or even worse, being surprised by an ad displaying inappropriate content. Cut down on these distracting ads by following a few easy steps. Your time spent online will be more productive, and, as an added bonus, the higher level of security will protect your computer.

Open your Internet browser. For this example we will use Internet Explorer.

Click on the "Tools" menu.

Select "Pop-up Blocker," and "Turn On Pop-up Blocker."

Go to "Tools," and click on "Internet Options" as another route. Click on the "Security" tab, and raise the security to your desired level. The higher the security level, the less chance of a pop-up ad coming through.

Check your antivirus software settings. These programs may have their own pop-up blockers that provide added protection.


Make sure you don't have multiple anti-virus programs running; they could cancel each other out.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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