How to Convert FLAC to CDA

By Candace Horgan

Updated September 22, 2017

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, and is an excellent way to compress music while maintaining the quality of the original file. FLAC does not change the file format; rather, it compresses it, like Winzip does. To convert FLAC files to the CDA format, follow these suggestions.

Install FLAC

Download and install FLAC (see Resources). Once installed, open the program.

Save or download the FLAC files (from your email or the Internet) to a folder on your hard drive, and create a dedicated folder with the name of the artist or album so you can easily find it.

Click the "Add Files" button in the open FLAC program window (on the upper right side) and navigate to the folder where you stored the FLAC files. Highlight them and click "Open." The selected files will now appear in the Files window of the program window.

Select an output directory where you will store the uncompressed files. Click the bottom with three periods on it next to "Output directory" and navigate to the folder you want to store the files in. This will also give you the option to create a new folder for storage. One you have selected a folder, click "Decode" on the right side of the program window and FLAC will uncompress the files to their original state.

Convert the files if they were not originally CDA files before they were compressed with FLAC. FLAC can compress any files, such as an .mp3 or an .aac file, so use whatever program you normally would to convert the files to burn to a CD. Popular options include iTunes and Winamp.


This tutorial assumes that the files are already properly encoded. Usually, FLAC is used to compress and send files over the Internet.