How to Change Image Size in Paint

by Angie BriggsUpdated September 28, 2017

Microsoft Paint is a free image editing software that comes with Windows. Though it does not have as many functions as other programs, many basic functions are still available, such as creating images, editing images, and cropping images. Resizing images is easy in Paint once you know where the option is.

Open Microsoft Paint. Paint is usually found under "Start," "Programs" and "Accessories."


Click on the "Image" menu, and choose "Attributes." This will open the "Attributes" box.


Choose which "Units" you would like to resize your image in. The options are "Inches, "Centimeters" and "Pixels."


Enter the "Width" you would like the image to be.


Enter the "Height" you would like the image to be.


Click "OK." Your image should now be the appropriate size.


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