How to Create Caricatures Online

By Laura Hageman

Updated September 22, 2017

Drawing a caricature involves exaggerating the most conspicuous parts of a person’s anatomy to achieve a comic or grotesque effect. Caricatures often appear in newspapers or magazines and depict famous individuals like actors, athletes and politicians. If you want to create your own caricatures but don't know how, you can always use an online program that will enable you to circumvent years of art school.

Use a caricature maker online. Go to's caricature maker or (both websites are in resources). There is no need to download any software and both are free.

Click on the options to create your caricature. There will be choices of mouth, eyes, eyebrows, face, hair and nose. By clicking on the image it will change the shape and size of the object you are selecting such as eyes. Using will have more selections in creating an online caricature.

Upload a photo. By using the website, you will be able to upload a photo of you or someone else and create a caricature either as a gift or personal use. For animated caricatures you will upload a photo and choose the background and wardrobe. It will use the face that is in the picture. The same can be done by selecting to create a stamp. You upload the photo and select the wardrobe and background.

Download your caricature. You have an option to be able to take your work and save it into a GIF or JPEG file. You will then copy and paste the HTML script code to your website or page that you have online. You can also just send the file to your email.

Choose to have a caricature drawn for you., for instance, offers more of a personalized caricature that gives you four different options for gift ideas such as wedding or animation. Send in a photo to the company and it will draw the face or faces in the photo along with adding the background and wardrobe you choose. There are other websites that you can go to that will offer you a more personalized caricature by sending in a photo as well.


When using's caricature maker, you will not be able to save your caricature to a file on your computer. It is mostly something to do for fun.