How to Program a U-verse Remote Control to Control the Volume on One Device Only

By Contributor

Updated September 28, 2017

The U-verse remote control is a universal remote designed to control all of the components that comprise your home theater system. Volume control, however, usually only needs to be programmed through one component, your TV or sound system. Program your U-verse remote to control volume through that one device only.

Decide which device you would like your U-verse remote to control whenever you push the volume button. This device should already be programmed to work with your U-verse remote control.

Press and hold down the "AT&T" button on the U-verse remote. As you are doing this, press the "OK" button. Release both buttons at the same time. The remote is ready when the mode buttons flash twice.

Enter the programming code of 955 within 10 seconds. The AT&T mode button will flash twice to indicate that the code has been recognized.

Press the mode button for the device you want to volume control. If you are programming a receiver or tuner, press the "AUX" button. Watch for the mode button to flash three times confirming volume control assignment.