How to Locate My Lost Cell Phone

by ContributorUpdated September 15, 2017

Constantly asking how to locate my lost cell phone? Learn how to locate your lost cell phone fast and easily. Learn how to NOW!

Track it by the IMEI number. If you believe that you phone has been stolen, you can find your number by having your cell phone company track your phone by the IMEI (international mobile equipment identity). This number is usually located underneath your battery so make sure you have it wrote down. The IMEI is basically your cell phone's finger print.

Use google maps to try to locate your cell phone. Use the "Click-to-call" feature to locate your lost cell phone. Just look up any business and enter your cell phone number instead of the business number. I did this to locate my lost cell phone. It turned out to be less than a few feet away from me!

Use a site to call your cell phone. Another website to locate your lost cell phone is wheresmycellphone.com. You can use this site to call your cell phone. This will work great if you have lost your cell phone in your house or somewhere close. Just make sure that you have your phone on at least vibrate and not silent!

Use GPS if it is enabled. You might also be able to find your phone if you have enable GPS to transmit at all times. Most phones can only transmit GPS during an emergency call such as 911. However, some phones are capable of transmitting at all times.


Write down your IMEI number.

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