How to Find Email Addresses for Free

By Editorial Team

Items you will need

  • Internet Access (to access the 'find email addresses' database

  • Last name

  • First name

  • Location (optional)

Ever wish there was a sort of email 'phone book' to find email addresses free and easy? Fortunately, there is. You can find someone's email address for free online through a number of reputable services.

This article shows you where to go and the steps to take to find the email addresses you need. This information is essential for anyone who uses email at work or home to make or keep in contact with the important people in their lives... even the ones they're just getting to know.


There are several distinguished free email directories available online. To find email addresses, select a server with a name you know and have come to respect. Yahoo is among the most established directories. It, along with other email directories, are listed in the Resources section below this article.


The directory will likely require you to provide the first and last names of the individuals you seek. If you do not have the correct spelling of either, you can get an expansive list of possibilities by providing the first few letters of the name. Some directories may also give you the option of providing addition information, such as the person's location or age. This information is optional, but will help narrow down your search if too many results are returned.


The results of your search may be easy to sift through. If, however, your email search delivers too many possibilities, you can narrow the results by repeating the search with additional information. If the email directory you are using will not allow you to enter more information, simply switch to another.


Any honest 'how to find email addresses' article will tell you that sometimes even the best directories fail to deliver the results you need. In this case, a little information and some clever Googling can be a great help. Try searching for the term 'email address' in addition to the personal information you have on the individual you seek. If Google returns too many results, repeat the search with more personal information. If there are not enough results, try removing some of the info.

Also, if your search returns information or sites the individual is associated with, try reviewing the information on those sites. You may be able to find the email address listed in a user profile for the person.