How to Beat "Super Mario Brothers 3" World 6 Level 5

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

At first glance, it's no wonder first-timers to level 6-5 on "Super Mario Bros. 3" get confused: While most "Super Mario Bros. 3" levels are straightforward, the exit to this particular level is hidden. The only way to find the exit and complete the level is to play as either Tanooki Mario or Raccoon Mario, as you'll need either suit's ability to fly. If you don't already have the Tanooki Suit or Super Leaf, there's a way to power up in the level itself.

Begin the level and enter the pipe immediately ahead. This takes you to the bulk of the level: An underground cave, with only a few enemies lurking about. The enemies in the cave, Buster Beetles, will throw nearby bricks at you: dodge these and jump on their head to defeat them. When there are no bricks in sight, the Buster Beetles will mindlessly walk forward.

Progress to the far right side of the level, which contains a pipe on the right side of the screen. In this pipe, you'll enter a tiny room containing only a "?" block that houses a power-up.

Hit the question mark block to reveal the power-up. If you're a small version of Mario, you'll only get a mushroom here. However, you can leave the pipe and re-enter the room to get the Super Leaf as Super Mario. Exit the room when you're ready to move on.

Return to the green Koopa you defeated previously on your way to the Super Leaf. Step on his head and grab the shell before it has a chance to run off. If it wanders off, or you accidentally kick the shell away, run back toward the beginning of the level and return so the Koopa respawns.

Run forward, shell in hand, until the meter on the bottom of the screen is full and you come across a pillar of four bricks. Fly as high as you can into the hole directly above you, revealing extra ground above your head. The pipe located to your right is the exit.

Throw the shell between the two pillars, which causes the lower tier of bricks blocking the exit to break. Crouching and jumping beneath the remaining bricks will clear the path to the exit.

Jump through the exit pipe, run to the right and touch the block to end the level.


To get quickly complete the level, use the P-Wing item before the level begins. This item gives Mario the ability to infinitely fly for one stage only.

You can also get a Super Leaf early in the level from the first available "?" block, though it's difficult to get for some players due to the enemies. Flying to the ceiling above this block reveals two more rows of bricks to break: the topmost row houses a 1-Up.


It is not possible to complete the level without becoming Tanooki or Raccoon Mario. While you can continue to power-up using the item room, there is a time limit: Once the time hits zero, you lose a life.