How to Cure Diseases in "Oblivion"

By Megan Thacker

Updated September 22, 2017

Although most diseases in "Oblivion" are simply nuisances, players may grimace at a case of ataxia or bone break fever affecting their strength. Diseases come primarily from attacks from filthy enemies, so any run-in with zombies, rats, boars, mudcrabs and even beggars can leave you feeling run down. Luckily in "Oblivion," players never have to look far to find a cure: spells, consumables and altars are readily available to bring yourself back to full health. Each cure immediately removes all disease from the player, so you only need one potion or spell to cure multiple ailments.

Cure Disease Items

Cure Disease potions are the most readily available items that cure any disease, including the beginning stages of vampirism (porphyric hemophilia). Purchase these potions from alchemical vendors in nearly any town, find them in chests in homes or dungeons or brew your own – though the ingredients are somewhat rare. The most basic requirement for brewing a cure disease potion is a mortar and pestle, a sampling of elf cup cap, and either root pulp, clannfear claw or mandrake root. Players can consume any of the latter three ingredients to simply cure disease without any alchemy mixing necessary, but the full potion recipe requires elf cup cap and one of the other three ingredients. Shepherd's pie serves as a fourth consumable that also cures diseases immediately. In addition to being one-ingredient cures, these four consumables are much lighter than cure disease potions.

Cure Disease Spell

Several priests and priestesses throughout Cyrodiil sell the "cure disease" spell, including resident clergy in Leyawiin, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Anvil, Skingrad, Bravil and Chorrol. As this is a journeyman-level spell, you must have a restoration skill level of at least 50 to cast it. Additionally, players under the birthsign of The Serpent can automatically cast a "cure disease" spell once a day – no purchase required.

Healing Altars and Wayshrines

Praying to altars at chapels or wayshrines is a free way to cure diseases. Before you can use an altar at a chapel, however, you must pray at the corresponding Divine's wayshrine – for example, to receive the blessing of Mara, you must find her wayshrine in the wilderness, activate her blessing and pray to her corresponding altar in any of the nine chapels in Cyrodiil. Having an infamy level higher than your fame level, however, cuts off this method of healing – if you're a well-known Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild member, for instance, you are likely considered too dastardly to receive blessings of the divine.

Curing Vampirism

Full-fledged vampirism starts as a mild case of porphyric hemophilia, which you can cure with any of the methods for curing disease. After both three in-game days pass and the player sleeps three times, the permanent effects set in. Though the disease is controllable through regular feedings, a single cure can remove the disease forever and let players enjoy the sun again without worry. The cure is the reward for a long quest called "Vampirism Cure." Speak to Raminus Polus at the Arcane University, who will refer you to Count Janus Hassildor in Skingrad, who tips you off to a witch named Melisande who possibly has a cure. Melisande requests five grand soul gems and a laundry list of potion ingredients, but your hard work will indeed result in a one-time cure for vampirism. Be certain of your decision, however, as regaining vampirism is impossible after drinking the potion.