How to Use a Gaming Mouse

By Dan Chruscinski

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Gaming mouse

  • PC

  • PC game

PC gamers rely on their mouse and keyboards to beat their opponents, finish games, and be at the top of their leader boards. These two devices are used in a way that deviates from traditional use, which is why companies have released gaming mice devoted entirely to the sport. These mice feature more buttons, higher sensitivity and adjustable settings not available with standard devices.

Decide which mouse to purchase based on the games you enjoy playing. If you're a fan of first-person shooters, then you want a mouse that can mimic the split section decisions you're making. If you prefer real-time strategy games or RPGs, then you want a mouse that can store information for macros and configurations.

Adjust sensitivity by determining the dots per inch (dpi) of the mouse. The sensitivity can be turned up so that even the slightest movement registers on screen, or adjust it to make slow steady movements for precise actions such as sniping in a first-person shooter.

Configure macros specific to the games you're using the mouse with. For example, World of Warcraft allows you to select a group of spells or abilities to use with a press of the keyboard. These can be transferred to the mouse, minimizing the need for keyboard maneuvering.

Adjust the weight of the mouse. If you've taken the mouse out of the package and it feels unusually light or heavy, use the trays included on gaming mice to insert and remove included weights. It is important to achieve a comfortable fit both in terms of design and weight.

Use the onboard memory to use your mouse for multiple purposes. Gaming mice contain a small amount of Internet memory that allows the device to be used for multiple purposes without having to reinstall drivers or adjust settings when being used for another purpose. These profiles can be created during installation


The most important aspect of using a gaming mouse is finding one that fits your unique play style. Test out multiple devices before making a decision.