How to Download Movies to Your Computer From a DVD

by Alexis LawrenceUpdated September 28, 2017
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Items you will need

  • DVD

  • Computer with DVD drive

  • DVD-ripping software

  • Video conversion software

Before you can put your DVD movies onto your MP3 player or use the footage on a DVD in video-editing software, you will need to first rip the file from the DVD. Since DVD files are ripped as IFO and VOB files, they are compatible with very few programs. You can make DVD footage work with almost any program, however, by converting the IFO or VOBs into formats such as AVI or WMV files, which work with MP3 players or editing software .

Download DVD-ripping software. DVD Decrypter is a free DVD-ripping software. Handbrake is also free and works well with Mac systems. Follow the prompts to install the DVD-ripping software to your computer.

Install DVD43. DVD43 is a program that opens at start-up and runs constantly on your computer. It allows your DVD-ripping software to see the files even on copy-protected DVDs.

Place the DVD you want to rip into your DVD drive. You must have a DVD drive to read the files. A CD drive will not be able to rip from a DVD. Open your ripping software. Your ripping software should recognize the DVD in the drive.

Choose a destination for your download. In Handbrake, you will select a file type, such as MP4, into which to convert the downloaded DVD files. Handbrake will automatically save the file as an MP4 and it will be ready to use when ripping and converting are complete. In DVD Decrypter, you will be able to pull off either the VOB files or the IFO files. You want the VOB files. To select this option, under “Mode," make sure “File” is checked.

Rip the movie. There is a single button in each program for ripping/converting. Just click the button to begin. It will save as the file type you selected in the location you chose. Progress will be tracked on-screen.

Download and install DVDx. If you used DVD Decrypter, DVDx will convert your DVD files into more computer-friendly file types, like AVI or WMV.

Convert the IFO files with DVDx. Under “File”, click “Open IFO”. Click on “Input Settings” and press the button that reads “Whole,” by “Max frame," then press “OK." Click on “Output Settings," browse for the folder where you would like to save your file and name the file. Press "OK." To convert the file, press the “Encode” button. A pop-up screen will tell you when the conversion is complete.


In order to rip a DVD, your computer must have a drive that plays DVDs. Many computers today, including laptops, come standard with a DVD drive. If not, an external DVD drive can be purchased for less than $100.

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