How to Install a Pelican Wireless Adapter on an XBox 360

By Amanda Kondolojy

Updated September 22, 2017

Install a Pelican Wireless Adapter on an XBox 360
i Wikimedia: Ziguezi; Public Domain

A Pelican wireless adapter is a third-party accessory that will allow you to connect your Xbox 360 to the Internet via a wireless connection. Once your Xbox 360 is connected to the Internet, you'll be able to browse the Web and download games and movies. You must have the installation CD for the Pelican adapter if you want to connect your Xbox 360 to the Internet with this device.

Plug your wireless adapter into your PC's Ethernet port. Connect the power cable and plug it in. Wait two minutes for your PC to recognize the wireless adapter.

Insert the CD into your PC's CD drive; the setup will begin automatically. Enter the necessary information and select "Next." The program will search for your wireless network.

Choose the gaming adapter you want to configure and select "Next."

Select your home wireless network and click "Next." Enter your security key or network password, if applicable.

Wait approximately 30 seconds while the installer configures the adapter. Click the "OK" button.

Unplug the adapter and the power cord from your computer and wait at least five seconds. Then, plug the power cable back in and connect the adapter to your Xbox 360.

Power on the Xbox 360 and wait two minutes for the adapter to connect. Once it does, your system will be ready to connect to the Internet.


If your Xbox 360 doesn't connect to the Internet after two minutes, go to the system's network settings page. Make sure your Xbox 360's IP is set to DHCP or "auto." After configuring the IP setting, test the connection.