How to Add an FTP Server to Sharepoint

By Jackson Lewis

Updated September 28, 2017

Microsoft SharePoint is the common name for a group of Microsoft products and software applications that can be used for website hosting. Sharepoint sites are enabled to use shared resources across one or many website users. The shared resources can range from workspaces, databases and documents, as well as blogs or other applications that are saved on the website. Adding an FTP server to Sharepoint is another option for Sharepoint users that can be enabled in the site configuration.

Select the "Web Options" button on the control panel for the web site.

Choose the Sharepoint domain that represents the website on the control panel and left click the "Web Service" page from the menu tabs. On the Web Services page, select the "Edit" button on the user interface.

Select the "Add New Assignment" menu option from the program menu and left click an existing windows subaccount from the menu.

Choose an FTP subuser on the next menu and then enter a "Nickname and Email" to use the FTP services and select the "OK" menu button. The Sharepoint now has an FTP server configured.