How to Use a Flash Drive to Boot a New PS2

By Dan Chruscinski

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PlayStation 2

  • Computer with Internet connection

  • USB drive

  • Blank CD-R

Gamers looking to bypass a hard level in their favorite game or even try out a new game from an independent developer have the ability to do this with their console.The PlayStation 2 was built to allow the use of USB devices, including flash drives. Using the right software, a gamer can plug a USB drive into his console and boot saved games from the device and even boot entire games to play right through the console.

Download and install Nero, a CD burning program, onto your computer.

Download uLaunchELF ISO. Extract all the files from the folder and using Nero, burn the program onto a CDR.

Place the burned CD into your powered down PS2 and plug your USB drive into the system. Power on the console and you should the Ulaunch ELF menu. It will list your memory card drives as well as your USB flash drive. You can now place files from your PS2 onto the USB drive.

Download any files you wish to boot from the USB drive, such as emulators with homebrew games or saved game files. Make sure these files are in the .elf format before downloading.

Insert your USB drive back into the computer and transfer any files you wish to use from your PC onto the drive. Remove the drive and plug it back into the PS2.

Using the uLaunchELF disc, you can boot the files directly from the USB device or transfer them to your memory card (in the case of save games).


If you're transferring save games to and from a USB device, use PS2 Save Builder to save the file in the .xps format.

If the PS2 does not read the uLaunchELF disc, you may need to install a mod chip into your system. Links to instructions on installation are found in the resource section of this guide.


Booting PS2 games from a USB drive requires ripping the game from the DVD which is illegal. This guide does not cover that process.