How to Make RuneScape Faster on a Computer

By Kefa Olang

Updated September 22, 2017

Computer gaming is becoming more and more popular with every passing minute. RuneScape is an online 3-D adventure game developed by Jagex Ltd. This videogame is loaded with multiple levels, different characters and special effects on a large 3-D canvas. All of these features and effects require powerful Windows hardware enhancements and troubleshooting to run optimally. Using some simple PC-troubleshooting steps to improve your Windows speed and performance will enhance your RuneScape game play.

Increase PC Speed to Play RuneScape

Increase the RAM (memory) on your computer. The more memory your computer has, the more efficient your computer will perform when playing RuneScape. Contact your manufacturer to determine what memory cards and sizes will work on your particular computer.

Upgrade to a powerful games graphics card. Check out ATI graphics cards for the best in graphic performance. Different models may support different cards. Contact your manufacturer for help.

Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop to defragment your computer. Right-click your hard disk, which generally is the C: drive.

Scroll down and click on Properties. Click the Tools tab in the Properties window. Click Defragment Now, then click Defragment in the new window. Defragmenting your system increases computer speed by allocating scattered files which takes your computer time to find.

Uninstall programs you don't need, especially large programs that use a great deal of computer memory. Click Start, then click Control Panel. Double-click the Add or Remove Programs button, then scroll through and select the programs that you want to uninstall. Click the Uninstall button to complete.

Run virus and spyware checks daily to remove malicious programs that slow down your computer performance. RuneScape will perform better if you do this.

Clean your hard disk frequently to remove temporary and useless files that use memory and hard disk space.