How to Apply for a Blockbuster Video Membership Card

By Penelope Lane

Updated September 22, 2017

Apply for a Blockbuster Video Membership Card

A Blockbuster membership card entitles the card holder access to a wide variety of video and game rentals at any of its stores. Applying for a Blockbuster card is an easy process, taking only a few minutes and allowing for same-day rentals.

Locate your nearest Blockbuster location. Visit the website for a search by ZIP code. Drop by the store and bring a debit or credit card and photo identification.

Visit the Blockbuster store. Peruse the diverse selection of DVDs, video games and used videos available for purchase. Make selections before or after submitting a membership card application.

Complete a Blockbuster membership application. The application asks for the primary card holder's full name, address and any secondary membership names. Additionally, a credit card number might be kept on file for lasting, unpaid late charges. Decline or accept magazine subscription offers as desired. Photo identification is required, and a laminated card will be created for you within minutes. No credit check will be performed.

Consider the online Blockbuster movie rental service. Similar to the well-known Netflix program, Blockbuster memberships can allow for movies to be shipped via postal mail for a low monthly fee. Movies in their sleeves can be dropped off at the nearest Blockbuster location and exchanged in-store for any chosen film at no additional cost.

Rent a movie. With thousands of current releases, classic favorites and video game options, Blockbuster has coined the phrase "Make it a Blockbuster night." Be sure to return the rental before its requested due date or beware of possible late fees. Each time a home entertainment video is rented, present your Blockbuster card and a photo ID.


If you rent more than three movies a month, joining the Blockbuster Online Membership program is a cost-effective method for entertainment. Forget your card? Although some Blockbusters are franchises, most stores can look up your account by your phone number.